I have either a cold or the flu. It’s been pretty mild until yesterday that I had a bad headache. Right now I’m feeling a bit better but tired and sore like if I had run a marathon.

Weird dreams last nite, as if I was living an old movie. The ackward hero, quirky and unattractive, protecting the iconic dollface heroine who doesn’t know he exists. It ended with him finding the lost jewel of whatever, to find she had already left him forever. Drama, tragedy with no satisfying conclusion.

There’s a metaphor there for me I’m sure. Not up to decoding it.

My rubik cube is still unsolved. 2 pieces left to solve the middle layer, so it’s more than 50%. I might need to look up some moves.

I’m going to skip the debate… which is a pity, but I don’t think I have it in me right now.

I didn’t call G. I was thinking I could call her to tell her I’m sick. That sounds like me looking for a pity party though. The singles thing is next week and the more I think about it the less I want to show up there. There will be just too many people. On top of that it falls on my pub club night, which is the one meet I’m sure to enjoy.

This is a good place to stop.