So I’ve been bitten by the evasive "Need-to-do-something" bug.

Initially I confused it with the urge to do camping. However, this is not it. The cottage party was more about making friends than anything else and turned out great since we all had a friend in common (that would be E).

This is more like the inclination to find more fun and energetic things to do, preferably with other people. It’s a very positive feeling.

However, the first thing I decided to do was cancel out all things that don’t lead me to fun. In other words, I’ve left a couple of clubs that were simply becoming chores. I know the ones I’m talking about, and I’m sure I’ll end up getting a message about them. But I’m trimming the fat. I’m canceling all clubs that I’m in just because I feel guilty.

Now if I could just slim down just as easily… I’m considering an activity, perhaps a team sport like badminton or volleyball.