It’s been forever since I’ve had that much fun.

Long time ago, a place like this would have sent me scurrying into a corner. Not this past weekend, as I got into playing badminton, volleyball, and even did a little hiking. Yeah I still had my fowl ups (how did I manage to send volleyball twice along somebody else’s way is beyond me) but nothing serious. I should consider getting myself into a sport.

Still a long way to go, but I may enjoy getting there.

(If you didn’t understood that last phrase, that means I’m trying to become social and participate, and I might even like it)

Wish I had a cottage by the lake. Actually, no. I just wish someone who had a cottage by the lake would invite me there all the time 🙂

Thanksgiving weekend is fast approaching, and my only plans are going to see Beast and Superbeasts at the Cagibi on Saturday. That’s not much of a plan. C is going to be there, but I’m not really a recognizable face to her and have yet to make a video on YT.

I’ve got some avi’s from parc Angrignon and some material from everywhere, but yet to be in the mood for editing. Besides, putting videos on the internet… still gives me the creeps. Not that anybody will see it.

Enough, I’m getting myself down. Perhaps I should see what’s T going to be up to back in Ontario. She may invite me over – but seeking out an invitation is kinda lame.

Oh I found the perfect mask for my halloween plans. That is, if I get invited… oh stop it.

Obnoxiously happy still. Hope this lasts.