Once again,

I’ve been invited to a camping trip. A group of friends will spend the weekend in this cottage. This is the same group of friends that have accepted me from the pub, and had the potluck dinner the other day. The one to which I brought a measly pie, right from the grocery store.

And I’m nervous, I think I’m going to do something weird or just act plain loony and they’ll kick me out of their plans 😦

Which is completely ridiculous and unfounded but nevertheless, it’s a feeling. I’m chicken.

Monday went ok, albeit some issues just sprang out of the blue. I got my active x thing running after some tips from a developer. On the other hand I had to take one more call and just never got to my backed up tickets. Crap. Now i’m on this update issue with a guy who just inherited the software.

Anyway, to follow the cowards’ theme seems I get too stressed about every little thing. Perhaps fear and stress are the same thing. If not, they’re definitely close blood relatives.