Last night I went to my friend’s potluck dinner party. It was a success, the conversation was lively (actually too lively, a debate became controversial at one point!) and the food was great.

I regret I didn’t actually try cooking. Something from my native country could’ve been good, but I can barely cook my own simple dinners and there’s always something instant thrown in, if not everything. I just brought a pot pie from the grocery store. Everybody else brought complex and wonderful dishes. Now I’m thinking some cooking classes are in order. I also forgot (curses!) to bring something to drink. We were running low on pop at some point, so at least I got to run to the nearest dep and get some.

Pop = soda = soft drink. I actually picked this term up from some friends in Toronto.

Dep = depanneur = convenient store

Ok, at this point some people know for sure where in the world am I – so I’ll go ahead and say it. This is Montreal, Quebec on the great nation of Canada. There. Don’t look me up now.

Anyways, the party was great and I do hope my friend thinks of inviting me again. Hopefully I wasn’t rude or impolite and they’ll actually think of me next time they have a gathering. Not soon, I want to try some recipies until I get them right first…