Friday was a mixed bag.

I arrived at the office on time after calling in late. I had a morning without any successes. Lunch was complained upon. The afternoon meeting went as usual with minor help requests from me. Then it all went south after learning one of our customer’s management companies with whom I’ve been dealing with on an issue that concerns a different software provider, wants us to "get over there and fix it". I talked to a bunch of people, I calmed down and then I got stressed all over again.

I left work wondering if I had unplugged the coffee maker and the kettle. I went back, checked and left wondering if I’d set the alarm correctly.

Anyways, let’s move on to my friend’s birthday party.

It turned a lot better that I thought, a small batch of friends which I didn’t know but were very friendly to talk to. I spilled wine on my friend’s couch. I can be such a klutz. I wasn’t really drunk at that time but I did have a nice buzz when I left. I had some nice chats in spanish with people from Colombia, Mexico and even my own nation (aha you thought I was going to give that away, didn’t you?). Left at about eleven, when the mood was still high but a few people were leaving and I remembered the metro stops sometime after midnight.

So minuses and pluses accounted for, seems I’m just okay now. That will do.