Triple yay

I found the address for the party tomorrow, I believe I finally have picked a good backup dish for the potluck dinner this saturday and next week on tuesday, I’ve secured a rare coveted spot with my cheap ethnic foods meetup. Things are well and I feel very lucky.

Oh yeah the overworked part. I almost forgot it at this point. At the office, I was dealing all morning with this customer who’s new as an administrator of our identity management software. She’s not mean but she rubs some people the wrong way. I didn’t lose my composure kept it light, and she answered accordingly. Then I had the misfortune of picking up an obscure ActiveX + javascript + m4 issue that had me babbling for a while. I think I’m a bit more clear on what I have to do tomorrow.

Managed to sum up the logs that a developer and a contractor were asking for from home a moment ago, they will be thankful and I might learn a thing or two.

Time spent on Project X. Nothing remotely apparent yet.

Hope my friends like pot pie. Sooo glad I got a seat for next tuesday!