And I rushed into the S1 option to customize the look and feel through CSS. But to use the advanced override you need to put everything in a variable override block. I want to override GLOBAL_HEAD. And I can’t find a word on HOW TO DEFINE AN VARIABLE BLOCK. Just tells me to look up styles. Styles talks about styles available and then says would you like to create a style? Yes. No, you can’t – you don’t have a paid account. So the information seems to be hidden in the other side.

Heh. Classic.

Anyways, switching to dumb mode and picking this style out of the blue. It suits me right now, so I’ll keep it. The idea of course is to hurt me and make me feel diminished. It worked. I so wanted to prove I can just put my own CSS in here. They mention that everything not include in a block will be stripped. Too bad they don’t mention how to include things in a block. Catch 22.

Oh well, the look seems ok. I guess I don’t have to be original in everything.